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SCUD extra pale ale 4.9%

This XPA (Extra Pale Ale) is hop driven and its no wonder as we’ve dry hopped using a blend of 9 different hops sourced from Australia, New Zealand and the United States. This unique combination (which we’re keeping a tight secret) produces the massive ‘summer fruits’ aroma and flavour notes. at 27ibu’s, the sessionable quality of Scud XPA is driven by the relatively low bitterness compared the American pales and IPAs which typically sit at over 40 and 50ibu’s respectively.


food match

Scud XPA will be your perfect travel companion to barbecues and parties as it will pair easily with just about anything.


Our highly popular Pale Ale is named after the SS Rock Lily. Built in 1906, this was the last ship to be built by George Frost at his Kincumber Creek shipyards which were located just across the road from our brewery. the Rock Lily showcases all that Australia has to offer the new world of brewing using all Australian grains and hops.  Both Topaz and Vic secret have been combined to bring this beer together in a perfect balance of malt sweetness, hop bitterness and hop flavour.


food match

Pair with salty or charred meat flavours to balance the hoppiness: grilled meats, pizza, Mexican, pulled pork and fried chicken.


The blend of ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Equinox’ hop varieties produces the incredible tropical fruit bowl aroma explosion with distinct melon, citrus and floral tones demonstrating why these hops are in such demand. The aromas are immediately translated into the first sip with the sweet malty base now paired back to allow a balance towards the fruity hop flavours. The bitterness is firm, but incredibly smooth resulting in a brew that promises to satisfy.


food match

The extra hop flavour of our IPA requires equally strong food flavours – the fruity citrus hops in this edition will work incredibly well with a good cheddar cheese, spicy foods and strong barbecued meat flavours. Avoid delicate dishes – they’ll get lost in the hop explosion!


This brew pays tribute to the hard working shipwrights who plied their trade in the Brisbane Water region. A traditional English-style Best Bitter brewed with English hops, this beer offers a firm bitterness and an earthy hop flavour. This flavour is balanced with our blend of 3 different malts giving a solid malt backbone and the deep amber colour. As with the launch of the ships which were lovingly hand-built and crafted by the shipwrights, the release of this easy-drinking ale is the perfect excuse for a little celebration.



food match

Do you like pork crackling?


Our salute to former NSW Governor Sir Thomas Macdougall Brisbane – the man with the biggest passage (of water) on the Central coast named after him. While a man of faith, we believe our porter brewed in the traditional English style would have surely tempted. a dark, almost opaque ale with ruby highlights, this ale (like all our core beers), has been brewed using all Australian grains – 5 varieties in total! Without a doubt this ale is centred around the roasted malt flavours with a perfect dose of chocolate and coffee flavours on offer too. 


food match

Amazing with oysters! Roasted maltiness works well with tomato-based pasta and pizzas, grilled meat and onions. Did we mention oysters?